Thirumoolar´s Sivayoga
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Thirumoolar´s Sivayoga
Premananda experienced higher states of Samadhi by practicing 3DQ of Sivayoga under the guidance of Sivakami OmAnandi. After attaining Sat-Chit-Ananda state he has become an Acharya of Thirumoolar’s Sivayoga and would like to serve Siddhar Thirumoolar by spreading Sivayoga all over the world.
Thirumoolar´s Sivayoga:
Thirumoolar has given a version of a higher teaching known as The Three Divine Qualities (3DQs). Thirumoolar's Siva Yoga (TSY) and 3DQs together, are Laya Yoga. Laya Yoga is usually called the yoga of absorption, or absorbing the lower nature by the higher spiritual forces. Laya Yoga results in "dissolution" or the melting of all the impressions which have accumulated throughout one's lifetime/s, thereby liberating one's mind from all obstacles and limitations and freeing one from the hold of karma. This also causes the seeds of habitual inclinations (i.e. samskaras) to be dissolved and turned into primal energy. It is an experience of eternal bliss in which the mind and soul totally merges (Laya) in the Supreme Being.
Siva Yoga initiation is given by Sivakami Om Anandi*. You can practice the 51 Letter mantra and the Soham meditation technique given in the introductory page at the siva yoga site ( Those two are prerequisites for the advanced techniques. After you practice these for a while (it is necessary that you memorize the 51 letter mantra for latter techniques) you can contact Sivakami OmAnandi for advanced Siva Yoga techniques by filling in an application form on that site. She is very helpful in answering questions and giving guidance.
*Sivakami OmAnandi is a Yoga-initiate incognito. She is in partial retirement from the world and wishes to remain that way. Her spiritual name is Sivakami Om Anandi. She has been doing Laya and Kriya yoga since 1976, and has experienced the results of the teachings presented here through the grace of Siddhar Thirumoolar. Knowledge of this great master was first made known to her through the book, Babaji and The 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition, by M. Govindan, MA. Thirumoolar first contacted her directly in 1992. Some time after becoming a Third degree initiate in Babaji's Kriya Yoga, Thirumoolar began again to make it known that he wanted these teachings presented for the benefit of those who aspire to know God but don't know where to begin, or their worldly responsibilities are too great to allow them the time to pursue in-depth studies or attend lengthy retreats.